[yellowdog-announce] 32-bit OpenIB RPMS available on YDL.net Pro

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Wed Apr 19 09:01:50 MDT 2006

(as posted to the yhpc-general list)

WARNING -- BETA release:

1) ftp://$user:$passwd@ftp.ydl.net/pro/Y-HPC/v1.1/NEW_RPMS/oib/RPMS

... you'll need to install the new kernel (2.6.16), check yaboot.conf, re-run 
ybin if you made any changes. The udev config needs to be modified to create 
uverbs device entries, add the following line 
to /etc/udev/rules.d/50-udev.rules

	KERNEL=="uverbs*",              NAME="infiniband/%k"

2) Reboot.

3) Then "yum install /path/to/oib/RPMS/*.rpm" (or your preferred way to 
install RPMs). These do require sysfsutils where using yum will auto-pull it.

4) You can then start the subnet manager with "service opensm on" (use 
"chkconfig opensm on" to make it start on every boot).

5) ibv_*_pingpong can perform basic benchmarks and ensure everything is 
working as it should be.

OpenMPI configuration is the same, I've only tested the basic cpi, I'll 
hopefully be doing more testing this week.... and start work on a 64-bit 
build --Owen

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