[yellowdog-announce] Terra Soft Resells Allinea Tools: Press Release 17 June 2008

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Tue Jun 17 08:42:21 MDT 2008

WARWICK, United Kingdom, June 17 -- Allinea Software, a leading provider of 
innovative products for large-scale scalar and parallel high performance 
computing applications, today announced a new reseller agreement whereby 
Terra Soft Solutions offers Allinea's Distributed Debugging Tool (DDT) and 
Optimization and Profiling Tool (OPT), both recently made available for Cell 
Broadband Engine (Cell BE) platforms.

"This agreement will provide Terra Soft's customers access to the leading 
scalar and parallel computing development toolkit for Cell BE on the market," 
said Kai Staats, Terra Soft CEO. "Allinea's DDT and OPT will enable 
programmers to locate and fix problems quickly to maximize performance for a 
wide range of Cell BE-based applications-from lightweight clustering of Sony 
PS3s to intensive high performance computing with the IBM QS22 BladeCenter 
blades. We are proud to offer our customers the best Cell BE debugger and 
optimization tools on the market...products that can handle the demands of 
parallel HPC programming, yet are easy to learn and use."

"We are very excited about our reseller agreement with Terra Soft as they are 
one of the most recognized providers of solutions for the Cell BE 
architecture," said Jacques Philouze, Vice President Sales & Marketing of 
Allinea Software. "We were looking for a competent reseller to address the 
Cell BE market and chose Terra Soft because of their strong ties with Sony 
and IBM, who co-developed the Cell BE technology with Toshiba."

DDT is recognized as the industry's most technically advanced tool for 
debugging parallel applications, with a graphical interface acclaimed for its 
ease-of-use, short learning curve and rapid ROI. DDT includes features 
specifically for Cell BE platforms  - for example the at-a-glance parallel 
stack view which is used when controlling thousands of processes 
simultaneously also shows PPE and SPE threads seamlessly, simplifying control 
over PPE and SPE threads, clusters of Cells and their data. Its latest 
release, DDT 2.3, also brings a leap in performance at scale.

OPT sets the industry standard in performance analysis and optimization of 
parallel codes for C, C++ and Fortran MPI applications. The recently-released 
OPT 1.4 incorporates Cell-specific enhancements such as an improved 
statistical sampler, an intuitive time view of performance data metrics, 
better error reporting, and a troubleshooting guide.

"With the new features of DDT and OPT designed specifically for Cell BE, we 
can provide Terra Soft's customers a common interface across multiple 
processor architectures," said Jacques Philouze. "This will help simplify the 
end-user experience and minimize programmers' development time, providing 
optimized system performance and productivity, as well as a reduction in the 
total cost of ownership."

Both DDT and OPT are compatible with operating systems such as AIX, Linux and 
Solaris on X86, X86-64, IA64, Power, Cell and UltraSPARC processors. 
Allinea Software will be exhibiting at the International Supercomputing 
Conference (ISC2008) in Dresden, Germany from June 17-20, 2008.

About Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
Headquartered in Loveland, Colorado, Terra Soft is the recognized leader in 
Linux for Power since 1999. Terra Soft provides Yellow Dog Linux board 
support for Power architecture chip vendors and OEMs; turn-key, integrated 
solutions built upon systems from IBM, Sony, and the new YDL PowerStation; 
and cross-architecture Linux applications for high performance computing, 
including Y-HPC Cluster Construction Suite and the Y-Film Asset Management 

For more information, visit www.terrasoftsolutions.com

About Allinea Software
Based in Warwick (UK), with subsidiaries in Germany and the United States, 
Allinea Software, a trading division of Concurrent Thinking Ltd., is a 
leading supplier of tools for multi-core and high performance computing 
(HPC). The company was founded by computer scientists from Warwick and Oxford 
Universities, giving them unrivalled expertise in large-scale parallel 
computing. Allinea's products are used at commercial, government and academic 
sites worldwide, and set new standards for affordability and ease-of-use in 
parallel and multi-core programming. With new product features aimed at 
multi-threaded applications, novel computing architectures, and the 
announcement of DDTLite for Visual Studio, Allinea is bringing its wealth of 
experience in parallel tools to the rapidly-expanding arena of multi-core 

For more information, visit www.allinea.com

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