[yellowdog-announce] Fixstars to Release "Yellow Dog Linux for CUDA"

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Tue Jul 20 23:04:23 JST 2010

TOKYO, JAPAN - July 20, 2010. Fixstars is excited to announce the 
release of both an updated and a LiveDVD version of its Linux 
distribution for optimal GPU computing, Yellow Dog Linux for NVIDIA CUDA 
v6.2.1. Yellow Dog Linux for CUDA is now free to all users.

Yellow Dog Linux for NVIDIA CUDA v6.2.1 bundles NVIDIA's CUDA SDK 3.1and 
the updated packages found in RHEL/Centos 5.5. A whole host of other 
improvements and bug fixes have been made, including improved Intel 
chipset support, simplified NVIDIA toolkit version switching, as well as 
several improvements to Fixstars' CUDA Plugin for Eclipse.

This upgrade integrates more tools for CUDA developers such as CUDA for 
Fortran and The Portland Group's PGI accelerator.

The LiveDVD will allow both new and experienced Linux and CUDA users to 
quickly and easily evaluate the bundled NVIDIA drivers and CUDA toolkits 
including 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, as well as the recently released 3.1. The 
LiveDVD includes Fixstars' CUDA Plugin for Eclipse, enabling end users 
to start writing their first CUDA-optimized application or easily 
migrate their CUDA development to Linux from other platforms.

Now, Yellow Dog Linux for CUDA is free. GPU developers can download and 
start using the most CUDA friendly Linux OS at no charge.

All users can download YDL for CUDA here: 

Current Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux users can upgrade to latest version 
using the Software Updater tool found in the Applications ->System Tools 

For more details on "Yellow Dog Linux for CUDA", please visit:

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where multi-core microprocessors are the standard. Fixstars accelerates 
the performance of multi-core based operations through provision of a 
complete, integrated ecosystem with specific turn-key products for 
Finance, Medical, Manufacturing, and Digital media markets.

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