[ydl-gen] Discontinuation of YDL.net Service

The YDL Team ydl-info at fixstars.com
Fri Jan 31 09:34:43 JST 2014

Dear YDL.net user:

Since the creation of YDL.net service nearly a decade ago, many new and
much improved email, calendar, and blog services have been made available
which are able to eclipse Fixstars offerings in terms of both reliability,
ease of use, and number of features. As such Fixstars has decided to
discontinue the YDL.net email, blog, and calendar features as it has become
no longer feasible to host these services. We understand that this is a
inconvenience to many of you and we will attempt to delay the
discontinuation of service until March 2014 although server failure may
occur, resulting in the loss of user data.

A comprehensive guide to importing your old YDL.net emails to a new IMAP4
email provider such as Gmail can be found here:


Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your

Jan 31,2014:
Following services are terminated.
- Mailing list (yellowdog-announce at lists.fixstars.com,
yellowdog-general at lists.fixstars.com, etc)
- Members site (http://www.ydl.net/index.php)
- Blog (http://blogs.ydl.net)
- Members HP (http://members.ydl.net/)
- Webmail

Jan 31,2014 - Feb 2,2014:
Server maintenance

Feb 3,2014:
The YDL website is move to "http://www.fixstars.com/en/technologies/linux/".

Mar 31,2014(or until server failure occurs):
The mail service is terminated.

We continue following services:
- yum repository via http
- YDL repository via ftp
- Access to log of community site
- Access to log of Mailing list
- mirror YDL repository to public download sites

The Yellow Dog Linux Team
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